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The places we stay while travelling are what make every experience unique and exciting!

One Planet Conservation Tours aims to support developing areas with high biodiversity through conservation tourism, therefore we make sure we have selected the best places for you to stay in line with that mission. We also aim to take you on an unforgettable adventure, off the beaten track and to the frontline with nature! For this reason, on our tours  you will either staydirectly on a conservation project/protected area, or in ethical hotels and ecolodges that are locally run and have a positive impact in their community.


Finca Exotica is a stunning relaxed-vibe ecolodge right on the beachfront in Playa Carate. Owners Gaby and Markus have been developing the lodge for over 25 years, and their combined knowledge of architecture, permaculture and hospitality really shows in everything...from their food to their beautiful bamboo designs. The property is surrounded by lush secondary rainforest, and all the incredible wildlife that comes with it!

Accommodations provided are rustic, glamping-style tiki tents with an outdoor shower and bathroom facilities shared between 2-3 other tents. There is a large central restaurant space called Casa Grande (be prepared for some stairs!) with a large dining area and lounge. This beautiful open-front building with a terrace gives you front row seats to scarlet macaws feeding in the almond trees by day, and the vast star-studded sky by night. There is also a yoga deck at the highest point of the property that has incredible views across the Pacific ocean and allows you to enjoy all the incredible bird life from tree level!

Food is made from fresh local ingredients (including food produced right there at the lodge!), as well as a delicious assortment of teas, fresh juices and smoothies.


Are you ready to go off-grid?! COPROT is a sea turtle conservation project in Rio Oro that provides conservation experiences to tourists and wildlife enthusiasts as a source of funding for their important work. The base camp is located just 100m from the beach, which also happens to be one of the busiest sea turtle nesting sites on the south Pacific. The beach is part of the Rio Oro refuge, an incredible area just 7km from the entrance of Corcovado National Park. The wildlife is incomparable due to a variety of different ecosystems all in a small area, including brackish lagoons and  primary rainforest. 

You will be staying in a single bunk in private glamping tent on the conservation site, and will be sharing amenities with the field team. The project has a bathroom and shower block, large open kitchen and communal area, recycling center and herb garden. Electricity and WiFi are limited, so be prepared to disconnect for a few days.


Hotel Uran is located just 75 meters from the entrance to the main trail that leads to Chirripo National Park, home to the highest peak in Costa Rica Cerro Chirripo. This elegantly placed hotel is surrounded by scenes more similar to the Alps than lowland Costa Rica.

The story started in 1998 when Don Ilises Romero decided that he should add some rooms to his small soda that was frequently visited by hungry and thirsty trekkers climbing the mountain.

Today, this family run the hotel with 20 rooms across the beautiful property as well as boasting a restaurant with the spectacular view of Cerro Uran and surrounding mountains.

Hacienda baru

The Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge is an internationally recognized nature reserve with 330 hectares of protected area, including primary forest, secondary forest, selectively logged tropical rain forest, swamp forest, mangrove swamp, scrubland, riverbank and seashore. In This wide spectrum of habitats supports an equally large variety of wildlife. The reserve receives income with which it maintains and protects its natural treasure from only two sources: ecological tourism and tree farming.

The Eco Lodge is in the middle of this incredible wildlife refuge, home to more than 365 species of bird! The Lodge is operated with the same philosophy of respect for nature and the environment as the reserve itself, striving for the highest levels of sustainability.

Spend the night in the beautiful poolside cabins surrounded by an enchanting orchid garden and access to a secret bird watching tower. The restaurant serves delicious typical Costa Rican dishes with much of the produce coming from the lands fruit and vegetable production. 


Cabinas Jimenez are located directly on the Gulfo Dulce, the ' Sweet Gulf', on the Osa Peninsula. This beautiful property boasts lushess grounds with views over the gulf, you even have the chance of spotting whales and dolphins whilst cooling off in the pool!


Poolside cabins mean there is not too far to go to take a dip, however, if you are feeling adventurous you can take advantage of the free kayaks and go dolphin spotting around the coast. 

Cabinas Jimenez is the perfect location for resting before heading deeper into the peninsula towards Corcovado National Park.

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