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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful little country in Central America, and with a name literally meaning "Rich Coast", has become well known worldwide for its incredible beaches and unrivalled biodiversity. Costa Rica has been a pioneer in reforestation and renewable energy efforts, and their hard work has been rewarded by abundant wildlife and a successful eco-tourism sector. 

From cloud forests to tropical fjords, Costa Rica really has it all when it comes to tropical habitats, which explains why you can find nearly 250 species of mammal, over 200 species of reptile and over 900 species of bird here! The marine life surrounding the coastline matches, if not exceeds, the incredible biodiversity on land. Humpback whales migrate along the Pacific in search for a safe place to have their young, and resident dolphins, manta rays and fish species make diving and snorkelling a dream.


This is a destination not to be missed by anyone passionate about wildlife conservation and sustainable living, as well as friendly locals and tropical weather making it a lovely place to relax and practice some Spanish. Our variety of packages offer something for everyone, with a focus on areas of Costa Rica that offer the best opportunities to immerse yourself in nature through off-the-beaten track locations. Our packages support conservation efforts throughout the country meaning as you explore these beautiful locations, you are actively supporting their protection. We are also able to provide custom packages if you already had an idea of what you would like from your dream trip.

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