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Education society

The Conservation Education Society is a conservation society based at the Marine Education Centre in Diani, Kenya. They believe that through education, empowerment and collaboration, everyone can play a role in conserving and protecting our natural world, however big or small that role may be. Through their educational and community programs they aim to create a community of wildlife lovers, all working towards a more sustainable and environmentally aware world. In 2019 alone, over 750 students from both local and international schools have visited the centre and got involved in the organisations education programmes. 

Scroll down to see some of the amazing programmes being run by the Conservation Education Society.


Kelly Martin

Founder and Director

Marine education

The Conservation Education Society have created resources and programmes to be used in local schools, to not only teach participants about marine life and conservation, but also to improve their skills and knowledge in academic subjects. Their hope is to improve conservation awareness as well as improving exam scores, thereby opening up more opportunities for young people in the county.  


Beach Clean-ups

The society arrange regular beach clean-ups with nearby schools and colleges as well as community or voluntary groups. All the rubbish they collect is recorded for their own research and also to contribute to international data sets. This is also an important activity for students as it enhances their maths and data collections skills, as well as highlighting the severity of marine plastic pollution. In 2019 the society removed over 33,000 items of rubbish from their beaches, over 80% of which was plastic. 


In partnership with Camps International, the society offer Marine Conservation Programmes to both national and international groups. These participants spend anything from a day to a week with the marine team, learning about the oceans and marine conservation and engaging in activities such as beach clean-ups and snorkelling.


Camps international

trash to treasure

The society run upcycling workshops called Trash to Treasure where they demonstrate to participants  some of the ways trash can be reused. The trash they collect from the beach clean-ups are utilised in these workshops, where they upcycle old flip flops collected on the beach into beautiful animal keyrings. Through this activity, the society hopes to encourage creativity amongst participants and the workshop is suitable for all ages. The workshops include plastic recycling demonstrations with a plastic recycling machine at the workshop next door! Each workshop is conducted by a local artisan, which means the society are also able to support people from the local community with an income.

These are just a few of the programmes that the society run. To find out more about some of their other programmes, visit their website here.

How you can help

There are many ways you can support the Conservation Education Society, by donating but through membership and sponsorship packages from their online shop or adopting a turtles nest from one of their partner organisations. For more information check out their support page here.

Check out conservation education society's website by clicking the logo

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