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1 stop borneo

Founded in 2012, 1StopBorneo aims to conserve the rainforests and the rich biodiversity of Borneo through education, wildlife rescue, eco-tourism and research.  Originally 

1StopBorneo was founded in Brunei but since has expanded to Sarawak and Sabah. They work with a wide variety of species and habitats including pangolins, elephants, clouded leopards, Irrawaddy dolphins, and a variety of herps, insects and flora.

Scroll down below to find out more about 1StopBorneo's amazing work and ongoing projects.

Wildlife rescue

Many exotic animals are taken from the wild for the illegal pet and wildlife trades. 1StopBorneo so far have rescued over 125 wild animals including clouded leopards, snakes, pangolins, slow loris and turtles.  


Conservation tourism trips

1StopBorneo run many different eco-trips from fully guided expeditions, to cycling adventures and mammal and bird watching trips.

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Shavez cheema

Founder and Director


1StopBorneo have put together educational resources which can be accessed here. The objective of this material is to educate the younger generation and the general public about local wildlife and the issues surrounding their conservation. 

1StopBoreno also host nature movie nights, school workshops and a nature book club.


Wildlife corridors

1StopBorneo currently have two ongoing tree planting corridor projects. Plant4Elephants in Sabah is the first project which plans to plant 130,000 trees through a softwood plantation, helping to reconnect fragmented elephant habitat. The second project is Plant4Hornbills which involves planting corridors of native fig trees between four protected areas in Tawau. Scroll down to see a video introducing this project and find out how to get involved!



How you can help

You can help by spreading awareness about Borneo's unique and rich biodiversity and by discouraging people from keeping wild exotic animals as pets. Another way you can help this project is by taking in part in one of their many wildlife tours - see link above for more details. 

Check out 1stopborneo's website by clicking the logo

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