One Planet Conservation Awareness sets out to give access to environmental news and knowledge to all, through spreading awareness of not only the issues, but the solutions involved in protecting our planets natural systems. We find it concerning that although the problems our planet faces effect every one of us, not everybody has access to the facts and knowledge that gives people the opportunity to care. Our aim is to put people back in touch with nature, connecting conservation work around the world to people’s homes. We want to inspire the realisation that everybody can have an impact when it comes to protecting our planet.

We have put together a network of solutions-based conservation projects from around the world in order to spread awareness, share ideas and inspire others to start making a positive difference. Together with the OPCA network we have created Eco Champs, connecting students from across the planet to grass-roots conservation work being done in the field. Showing students key conservation issues, and what people are doing to deal with them.

Here at OPCA we want to inspire people that our natural world is worth saving and that if we all think globally but act locally, we can protect our living ecosystems.