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Here at OPCA we support small scale conservation projects around the world, who are fighting to protect our planet. One great way of supporting these kind of projects is by going out there and helping them as a volunteer.

Volunteering not only financially helps projects continue their conservation work, but allows you to experience living in some of the worlds most biodiverse areas whilst making a positive impact on the local communities and ecosystems.

We help the projects in our network find amazing volunteers from around the world to help them with their mission. Below is the opportunities we currently offer.

Manu Biological Station

Manu is situated where the Andes meets the Amazon in Peru, making it an incredibly biodiverse place!

You can volunteer with this awesome project and get involved with -

- Climate and biodiversity research
- Reforestation
- Regenerative agriculture

You will experience living in the jungle with trained biologists at the forefront of conservation research. 

This is an opportunity not to be missed!


Mubare biodiversity conservation

An awesome volunteer opportunity in Uganda!




Interested in volunteering? Send us an email

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