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The mission of Wild Education is to educate and empower people of all ages to care more deeply for our planet. They aim to achieve this by empowering and mobilising communities through our holistic education methods. They have developed an online learning resource called The Wild Warrior - Eco Learning Program and produced 2 award winning documentaries which has impacted and inspired over 5 thousand students internationally. They also run a weekly Wild Podcast as well as rase money for important conservation issues through their Wild Apparel sustainable clothing line. Currently Wild Education are raising funds to plant trees for the Aussie bushfire recovery. 

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Roxy rogan

Founder and Director


The Wild Warrior Eco-Learning Program is an 8-week online course designed for primary school students, which focuses on sustainability whilst adhering to the Aussie Geography Curriculum for years 5&6. Over the the 8 weeks students learn about three main topics: Waste, Ecosystems & Our Impact.Students taking part in this program gain a base-line understanding of sustainability whilst also incorporating S.T.E.M activities to enhance other aspects of their learning.

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Wild Education films

Wild Education have produced two documentaries, Keepers of the Forest and Person of the Forest. Visit their website to find out how to watch the documentaries in full, by clicking here. And scroll below to see a taster of Keepers of the Forest!

The Wild Podcast

The Wild Podcast by Wild Education provides a weekly dose of eco-education, through interviewing a diverse range of people who are making change to our environment, from conservationists to story-tellers to creators and everyone in-between.


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