Tangkoko Conservation education

Tangkoko Conservation Education (TCE) is a conservation education programme based near the Tangkoko Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. TCE's mission is to help the local communities of North Sulawesi (especially young people and school staff) to acknowledge the highly endangered status of the local wildlife as well as its ecological and economic importance, and to take action to protect it. They achieve this through running awareness campaigns for local communities, conservation training for school staff, running school workshops and taking students into Tangkoko forest on field trips. The project has a particular focus on the crested macaques which are mainly found in the Tangkoko nature reserve. 

The project began in one village initially, but since then TCE has successfully expanded and established activities on a larger scale, including 22 schools in 13 villages from 3 different districts. 

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Mathilde Chanvin

Founder and Director

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Environmental lessons

TCE deliver environmental lessons to school pupils aged 9 to 15 based around the Tangkoko reserve and other protected forests of North Sulawesi. Each class receives 7 lessons including a field trip to Tangkoko. The lessons comprise of the following topics:

  1. Environmental basics and changes to the environment

  2. Biodiversity of tropical rainforest

  3. Flora and Fauna of Indonesia, Sulawesi, and the local forests

  4. Primates, crested macaques and the Macaca Nigra Project

  5. Trip to Tangkoko, observation of the crested macaques

  6. Characteristics of protected areas, status of threats on Indonesian Protected Wildlife and conservation actions

  7. Coastal and marine ecosystems

Science Camp

TCE started this new project in 2020 in the hope to inspire local students to pursue a career in conservation. The science camp runs over a week, where the students stay at the Macaca Nigra Project station and develop their research and conservation skills through theoretical, practical lessons and hands on experience delivered by TCE staff, teachers and MNP researchers in school and in the Tangkoko forest.


Crested macaque (Macaca nigra)

7 macaque species endemic to sulawesi


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