Rescue center costa rica

Rescue Centre Costa Rica's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and where possible reintroduce as many wild animals back into the Costa Rican wilderness. They rescue animals from the illegal pet and wildlife trade and also rehabilitate many animals which have been the victim of things such as road traffic collisions and dog attacks. In order to carry out their work they rely on the help and monetary contribution from volunteers and veterinary interns, and therefore have well established volunteer and intern programs which form the centre of the organisation. 

They also collaborate with other local conservation groups to develop initiatives that benefit the wildlife in-situ, such as animal rope crossings which enable animals such as sloths and monkeys to cross roads safely. The centre have also started a Coronavirus relief program.

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Project Coordinator

Animal rescue

The team often get call outs regarding injured exotic animals. For example Maximus the two-toed sloth was rescued by the centre when his mother was killed in a road traffic collision. The centre are giving him medical care and once he is old enough will release him back into the wild. 


illegal pet rescue

There is a huge problem with the illegal pet trade in Costa Rica, the centre often receives unwanted exotic pets, and even sometimes they have to confiscate the animals themselves. This is what they had to do after they received a tip about a scarlet macaw and a yellow-naped amazon being kept as pets illegally. Both now are in the care of the centre. 


Tree PLanting

The Center plant native trees so that the animals they rescue can be rehabilitated in their natural environment. 


The centre started this program to help other rescue centres struggling to take care of their animals during the pandemic. Each week they visit the local farmers market and buy things such as eggs and fresh vegetables and deliver them to a different organisation.


coronavirus relief program

Volunteer at the centre

How you can help

If you would like to volunteer at the centre or take part in the veterinary intern program, then can you find out more by visiting their website here

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