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The plastic pledge is a FREE 5-part education series

in collaboration with the University of Plymouth


  • Designed for classrooms, community groups and home learning

  • Each part contains a 5-minute video, a 'We Do' exercise and a worksheet

By the end of the course students will be able to identify:

  • The main sources of plastic pollution

  • The problems plastic pollution causes in the environment

  • Solutions to prevent plastic pollution

They will also have the opportunity to pledge their name, alongside many others, to commit to using plastics more responsibly. 

The University of Plymouth stand at the forefront of marine plastic research; in 2004 Professor Richard Thompson OBE along with his team, where the first to reveal the widespread occurrence of plastic debris in our oceans, which they described for the first time as microplastics

Since this discovery, the team at the University of Plymouth have continued to inform governments around the world of the extent of the plastic problem and the solutions. Their research quantifying microbeads in cosmetics led to the production of microbeads being banned in the UK and USA.


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