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     One Planet Conservation Awareness (OPCA) started out as a simple Blog page. Our Founder Jordan wanted to make sure that he was keeping up to date with the latest conservation news and research after leaving university. After studying Conservation Biology, Jordan set off on his conservation career by joining different volunteer and internship programs around the world. Spending time in the South African Bush and in the jungles of South East Asia, Jordan managed to put together a strong set of real-world conservation skills.

Jordan’s first Job in conservation was managing a sea turtle project on a tropical island off the east coast of Malaysia. It was here Jordan realised that the most important aspect of conservation for him was outreach. Jordan’s passion for our natural world and communication skills allowed him to inspire his volunteers, tourists and visiting school groups to start living a more sustainable life.

Since leaving Malaysia at the start of lockdown, OPCA took off. Jordan saw this as time to be used wisely, and has been pushing OPCA to where it is now. The idea came to create a network of grass-roots project that we could work with to create engaging educational materials.

However, this work would not be possible without the help of Jordan’s good friend Jodie. Jodie has come in and allowed OPCA to reach the next level, and is the co-founder of OPCA’s next stage. 



Jodie met Jordan at the University of Plymouth where she also completed her undergraduate degree in Conservation Biology. While at University she had a strong interest in research and spent 5 weeks in Indonesia assisting in the research of macaques, civets and bats, and later coral reef health and biodiversity. After leaving university she completed an internship with a cetacean research project in Scotland. While she really enjoyed this work she couldn't help feeling that her efforts in the field were futile when the rest of the world seemed so removed from the problems our natural world was facing. Jodie feels that in order to have a truly positive impact there needs to be changes at a societal level to way we treat our planet. Therefore very early on in her conservation career, she switched her attention away from research to education and outreach. In particular she was keen to explore the use of TV & film in inspiring the public to respect and take care of our natural world, and as such decided to embark on a career in the TV industry. After 3 and a half years of gathering new skills and experiences in her career in London, she travelled to Cambodia and later Malaysia, working with conservation organisations to help them tell their stories. 

Now back in the UK Jodie is working alongside Jordan to spread awareness of conservation issues with the hope to create the societal changes that are required. 

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