Koh tan conservation centre

Founded in 2020, Koh Tan Conservation Centre (KTTC) aims to protect the coastal ecosystems around Koh Tan Island and provide educational adventures for local and international schools.


Koh Tan is a tiny island off the coast of the more famous island Koh Samui in Thailand. The island is surrounded by degraded coral reefs and boasts a small patch of mangrove forest.


K.T.C.C are working hard to research, protect and raise awareness about the issues the islands ecosystems are facing.

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Sapir Ben-Dror

Founder and Director

reef surveys & Restoration

The reefs around the island are overexploited through tourist boats and intense fishing pressure. K.T.C.C will be conducting the mammoth tasks of surveying and quantifying all the corals around the island and will use this information to identify the best sites for restoration. Corals naturally break apart during a storm and these fragments often fall to the bottom where if they are left alone, they more than likely die. During the reef surveys, KTTC plan to collect any of these small broken fragments and attach them to their designated rejuvenation sites. They are also working in partnership with Coral Watch and with the help of volunteers to carry out reef health checks around the island. 


Mangrove Restoration

Mangroves are an incredibly important ecosystem not only for coastal protection, but also for the habitat they provide for numerous animals. In particular they act as a nursery for many of the fish species living around the island, and so without this ecosystem many of these fish species would not be able to exist. KTCC are raising awareness about the importance of mangroves through their visitor experiences. They also have plans for future mangrove regeneration in the mudflats of the tidal zone surrounding the forest. 

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Beach Cleans

Thailand has historically been one of the worst plastic producing countries in SE Asia, and as such plastic and other debris is continually washing up onto the island. KTTC along with it's volunteers and visitors clean the beaches and once a month send the recyclables  to a recycling centre in Koh Samui. Not only do KTTC clean the beaches, but they also remove abandoned fishing nets from the water to prevent wildlife from becoming tangled.  


Education and Community outreach

KTCC holds adventure days where schools can come and visit the island and learn all about the different eco-systems. The students can also learn about how to survive on a remote island!


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